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Our goal is to build projects with clients, colleagues and capacity providers that are willing to grow profitably over time and create positive change together through them.

Our digital reinsurance brokerage solution for SME Facultative risks in Latin America provides brokers and underwriters an efficient solution to manage large volumes of low premium risks over multiple product lines and countries.

Our fundamental values




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Lime Street's vision is to generate a consistent strong return to capacity providers by offering (Re)insurance solutions for lines of business and countries where there is a high demand for specialized risk transfer solutions and/or a need for expertise and technical knowledge.

Lime Street brings many years of insurance experience and technical expertise needed to select, price and analyze risks. This is all possible by leveraging long standing relationships in many countries, as well as an active use of technology & innovation, allowing the model to scale and enhance profitability - whilst generating best in class Data & Analytics.

About Us

Lime Street is a Reinsurance Broker that has been established in Miami, to offer Capacity Providers and Global, Regional and Local Brokerages the opportunity to partner with a team of highly experienced insurance professionals with 20+ years of experience.

Lime Street is looking to build a successful underwriting franchise over the coming years by capitalizing on our unique strengths:

Relationships with one of the broadest and strongest broker network relationships, reaching the highest organizational levels;

Technical Expertise, with our proven track record and knowledge of the industry;

Technology & Innovation, our passion is to deliver the highest customer experience to our clients, create scalability and develop better Data insights that allow us all to make better decisions.

Insurance Solutions

Why the name Lime Street?

If you've been in insurance, you've heard of Lime Street - it is the street where the current and unique Lloyds building stands since 1986, the original building was built back in 1928 (but with an entrance on 12 Leadenhall Street). We can unequivocally say that Lime Street has witnessed first-hand almost 100 years of the evolution of the Insurance Industry, where brokers and underwriters have transacted thousands of risks every day since.

All of this Insurance history started with small businesses (SMB). This was full of transformational potential: where a signature on a slip of paper would be TRUSTED to cover millions of Pounds, where Mr. Lloyd’s COMMITMENT transformed his shop into the heart of an emerging industry and where true PARTNERSHIPS became the essence for the industry to develop. That was a unique coffee house indeed!

This is where the inspiration for our "Marketplace" (small shop) came from. Taking from the playbook of Mr Lloyd, we decided to start with the world's largest A+ Rated Reinsurers - providing a market leading product range. This is an aspiration that can only be achieved over the long term by building TRUST, having COMMITMENT and establishing the right PARTNERSHIPS.

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